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Vision Interdental Perio Brush – Interdental Plaque Control. These notes are for dentists & hygienists and are intended to be a guide in helping you achieve a better plaque control with your patients through using the Vision Interdental Perio Brush range. You may want to suggest that during the first few days of use your patients set aside some time each day ( when they are not to tied or rushed ) to learn these new cleaning techniques; it will get much quicker when it becomes a habit. Explain to your patient that their gums will be likely to bleed as they begin this new method of cleaning between their teeth. Use a simple explanation, for example that the interdental space is a bit like a red, swollen and perhaps spongy area between the teeth where they cannot reach with a regular toothbrush. Explain that cleaning in this area can sometimes be tender, but this will pass as they clean away the plaque and debris at the infected site.


We recommend that the patients use the brushes once daily and before they use their regular toothbrush.


The patient should avoid using toothpaste or antiseptic on the interdental brush. Test the sizes by demonstrating the use of the vision brush round the mouth one size at a time.


We find it helpful to line the brushes in size as you (and the patient) will need to begin with the largest and move down to the smallest in turn so that all areas achieve a close fit and optimum clean.


The vision interdental brushes have a curved brush head to prevent the patient catching the inside gum and form a convex curve that is gently but firmly pressed onto the papillae to slightly compress any spongy gum.


Use the largest brush first

As you know the maxillary bone is less dense and therefore more easily lost. we find it best to start at the spaces between these teeth at the most posterior interdental space. As the right side seems to be the most difficult to clean in the right handed patient we begin between the teeth on the right, with the largest brush that you feel would be appropriate.

The stem wire in the Vision Interdental Perio Brush is strong and is to prevent bending and crumbling during use. This will aid compliance and increase the length of life of the brush when used as described below.

Hold the bristle at the tip (like threading a needle), taking a little of the brush at a time. Ease the first brush through the interdental space with as tight a fit as you can. This is especially important where there is bone loss and pocketing as using the largest brush to achieve a tight fit will speed up the recession and reduce the pocket.

For posterior teeth it is very important that the brush is held as near to the bristle end, at the tip, as possible (teeth only slightly apart) so that the finger and thumb are inside the cheek. If the brush is dragged against the cheek or
lips by holding the brush too far away from the teeth, trauma may occur and bacteria may be introduced into the mucus membrane causing inflammation especially at the corner of the mouth.

Holding the bristle gives improved grip and those patients with poor dexterity or big fingers may get better access from the palate for some posterior teeth.

Push the curve of the brush gently and firmly against the gum. (curving down between the upper teeth depressing any spongy gum as you go). A ‘wiggle’ movement will help you do this (the brush curves upwards between the lower teeth).

Brush through the inside until almost all the bristles have gone between the teeth and wriggle out again.


No scrubbing

Do not scrub back and forth as it is not needed if the fit is snug. Scrubbing (or toothpaste) will cause root wear over time. The brush fit should be too tight to scrub. Move the brush around to the next interdental area and try again until you have tried all areas with that brush. You may get some brushes only into one or two places in the mouth. Move down to the next brush size and repeat.

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