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How to use the brush


The Brush


Hold the bristle end at the tip


Improved grip, access and control.


Prevents bacteria from being introduced into the mucus

membrane preventing Angular Chelitis due to trauma.


Start by resting the brush against the gum


Insert the brush head curving downwards for the upper teeth and upwards for the lower teeth


Push the curve of the brush gently but firmly against the gum between the teeth


Ease gently but firmly against the teeth compressing any

spongy gum


The brush should be a snug fit to remove the plaque – usually more than one size will be required to clean all areas effectively



Wriggle the brush through to the inside until almost all the bristles have gone between the teeth.


Wriggle out again


Use before regular tooth brushing once in, once out, once a day


Do not use toothpaste on the interdental brush