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Frequently asked Questions


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When should I use the Vision Interdental Perio Brush?

You should use your Interdental brush once a day before you use your regular toothbrush. Choose a time when you are not rushed, especially for the first few days when you are learning the technique.


How do I know which size to use?

Your dental professional will be able to advise you on which sizes would be best for you. You may need more than one size to effectively clean all areas of the mouth. The brush should fit snugly through the space so that plaque is removed from the tooth surface, however never force the brush between teeth.


What happens if my gums bleed?

When you first clean in the interdental area, your gums may bleed.

This is simply a sign that there is inflammation. As you clean away the plaque the bleeding will stop.

If bleeding continues after several days, seek advice from your dental professional.