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Improved Periodontal outcomes can best be achieved by patients understanding their problems and how to control their plaque and reduce bleeding.

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This Brush is designed for the successful control of Periodontal Diseases. It does more than remove food particles and plaque from deepened interdental sites because if used as directed it cleans gently below the edge of the gum reducing the plaque growing in the base of the crevice or pocket.


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Because many people find using interdental brushes rather than floss more ‘user friendly’

Dental Hygienists and Dentist encourage the brushes for interdental cleaning.


The Vision Interdental Perio brush can improve results further, improving interdental health

by reducing plaque and bleeding in deeper sites so stabilising bone loss.


The unique properties of the Vision brush are:

A pre-curved brush head to clean the deepest part of the interdental pocket.
Coloured filaments to show plaque and debris removed.
A long brush head reducing scrubbing - ONCE IN, ONCE OUT, ONCE a Day.
The wire is less likely to bend than any other brush when used as directed.
The brush is more resilient in daily use and by rinsing can be used for longer.